About me

My research interests are broad, encompassing ecological risk assessment, quantitative conservation biology, and decision theory.

I completed my PhD in 2004 where I evaluated the performance of various methods used for estimating the risk of extinction. I’ve worked on various projects over the years including developing decision support tools for managing weed invasions, developing and testing quantitative listing criteria for the US Endangered Species Act, developing ecological models to investigate the impact of climate change on species persistence, and ecosystem risk assessment mainly with the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems.

At the Arthur Rylah Institute, my research focuses mainly on developing quantitative tools to support decision making within the Victorian Government. I am part of the team developing spatially explicit decision support tools to inform conservation investment across Victoria. I am also working on developing ecological models for nationally threatened species and communities to inform how offset funding can be spent to achieve the largest benefits to species and ecological communities.

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